DP TECHNOLOGY is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. ESPRIT, DP Technology's flagship product, is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, multi-tasking machine tools and soon, for metal additive manufacturing. ESPRIT and the personnel who support it embody DP Technology's passion for excellence and vision of technology's potential.

DP Technology reinforces its commitment to technical excellence by dedicating nearly 20 percent of its annual revenue to ongoing research and product development. This long-term focus has produced powerful technological innovations that have placed ESPRIT in an industry-leading position since its market launch in 1985.


By leveraging our vast experience with the ESPRIT CAM System and the industry’s best technical support and R&D infrastructure, we are developing a high-performance software suite for metal additive manufacturing – 3D printing, that will continue our commitment to excellence and deliver the world-class technical support that is the hallmark of DP Technology and ESPRIT software.

For additional information about DP Technology and ESPRIT, call +1 805 388 6000, or send an e-mail to esprit@dptechnology.com.


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